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General StoresTotal Records: 78
Name Owner Name Phone No Cell # Address
Al Ghousia General Store Al Ghousia General Store 0307653978903076539789jnubi bazar
Zainab Gift Center Zainab Gift Center 0308277759503082777595Anar Kali Bazar
Rana General store Rana General store 0300550692803005506928Basra chok
Dilbar general store Dilbar general store 060681080803068761807piple mandi bazar
Hamza General Store Hamza General Store 0307734389303077343893girls high school road
Hassan Traders shopping Hassan Traders shopping 0300676191003006761910
Cheshta General Store Cheshta General Store 0305808543903058085439near girl high school
Choudhary General Store Choudhary General Store 0306876962503068769625Anar Kali Bazar
Babu General Store Babu General Store 0300699919003006999190jnubi bazar
Ayyan Shopping center Ayyan Shopping center 0301785350003017853500Anar Kali Bazar
Sadaat General Store Sadaat General Store 0301477471703014774717Anar Kali Bazar
Ayyub General Store Ayyub General Store 0307876526303078765263main bazar
Aslam General Store Aslam General Store 0301500201303015002013main bazar
M Ramzan general store M Ramzan general store 0306676164503066761645muslim bazar
Al Sammad variety center Al Sammad variety center 0303744784603037447846jnubi bazzar
Waqar Sale point Waqar Sale point 0307528523403075285234Anar Kali Bazar
Nomi General Store Nomi General Store 0307868860803078688608muslim bazar
New Ghosia General Store New Ghosia General Store 0345762198803457621988muslim bazar
Nagena General Store Nagena General Store 0303747418803037474188main bazar
Nadeem super Store Nadeem super Store 0302784504203027845042Anar Kali Bazar
Farhan General Store Farhan General Store 060681119303006767814Chundi mor
Numan General Store Numan General Store 0302431756803024317568MAIN BAZAR
New Mehboob general store New Mehboob general store 0301204580203012045802main bazzar
Lal Esan General Store Lal Esan General Store 0306746076703067460767main BAZAR
Naeem Bangal store Naeem Bangal store 0300353760303003537603main bazar
Naqvi General Store Naqvi General Store 0346497305703464973057Hussnain blok
Mahnoor General Store Mahnoor General Store 0301784644603017846446jnubi bazar
Maheria Shopping center Maheria Shopping center 0300203843403002038434Anar Kali Bazar
Malaika Shopping center Malaika Shopping center 0301269759403012697594Anar Kali Bazar
Multani shopping center Multani shopping center 0300420673303004206733Kalma chok
New Imran General Store New Imran General Store 0306778115603067781156Anar Kali Bazar
Adeel Traders variety center Adeel Traders variety center 0345644478903456444789
Azeem General Store Azeem General Store 0333484487403334844874Abdul shakoor market
Tayyab General and decoreation Tayyab General and decoreation 0301390017003013900170main bazar
Sheikh General Store Sheikh General Store 0301424137803014241378main bazar
Sheikh Aman ullah general store Sheikh Aman ullah general store 0307784244803077842448muslim bazar
Sheikh Ahmad and sons Sheikh Ahmad and sons 0306747200103067472001main bazar
Shahzaib General Store Shahzaib General Store 0342382967203423829672muslim bazar
Sanwal General Store Sanwal General Store 0346785150503467851505muslim bazar
Ramish Shopping center Ramish Shopping center 0345623648903456236489 Tahir block
Eman General store Eman General store 0308201571503082015715Anar Kali Bazar
Al Hussnain General store Al Hussnain General store 0305654962803056549628MAIN BAZAR
Ehtesham General store Ehtesham General store 0345162979103451629791
Apna Shopping Center Apna Shopping Center 0308870008903088700089Anar Kali Bazar
Akbar Shopping center Akbar Shopping center 0306560300203065603002
Al Zehra General store Al Zehra General store 0307287853603072878536Anar Kali Bazar
Multani Shoping Center Multani Shoping Center 0300420643303004206433Sajjad block
Al Hasan General store Al Hasan General store 0304700486703047004867
Muzamil Sale point Muzamil Sale point 0302736108503027361085
Pakeeza Shopping Center Pakeeza Shopping Center 0300594991003005949910Anar Kali Bazar
Muna g Sale point Muna g Sale point 0303517044703035170447
Phool Shopping center Phool Shopping center 0304948657603049486576basra market
Tabasum Shopping center Tabasum Shopping center 0302543148603025431486moti bazzar
Al Raza general store Al Raza general store 0300599090503005990905Ajmal block
New Makkah Shopping center New Makkah Shopping center 0301269759403012697594Ajmal block
Al Harmain Shopping center Al Harmain Shopping center 0346293110103462931101
Al Noor General store Al Noor General store 0306815993503068159935Anar Kali Bazar
Al Imran general store Al Imran general store 0308404066503084040665main bazar
Asif General store Asif General store 0301784298403017842984main bazar
Abdullah General Store Abdullah General Store 0308678196103086781961zainab market
New Nizamia shopping center New Nizamia shopping center 0304879646503048796465Anar Kali Bazar
Najam Lass General Store Najam Lass General Store 0302712548603027125486Anar Kali chok
Malik General Store Malik General Store 0303747747403037477474muslim bazar
Malik Super Store Malik Super Store 0308237771103082377711Muslim market
Lal Esan Super Store Lal Esan Super Store 0302784909803027849098main bazar
Lal Esan General Store Lal Esan General Store 0308517263403085172634
Five Star general store Five Star general store 0306511929603065119296Anar Kali chok
Usmani Dapartmantal store Usmani Dapartmantal store 0306730301903067303019main bazar
Ali Baba Waraety center Ali Baba Waraety center 0302682609903026826099Anar Kali Bazar
Ayan Shopping center Ayan Shopping center 0306784470003067844700Anar Kali Bazar
City Mart Shopping center City Mart Shopping center 0300732004703007320047railway road
Sajjad General store Sajjad General store 0300471121003004711210kamati Chok
Khan Super Store Khan Super Store 0345762194003457621940bakhar road
Khushi General store Khushi General store 0308443570003084435700Anar Kali Bazar
Haji General store Haji General store 0302502033103025020331kalma chok
Janjhoa General store Janjhoa General store 0305758230003057582300muslim bazar
Jadha super store Jadha super store 0306839488303068394883Anar Kali Bazar
Tanveer General store Tanveer General store 0307734635003077346350main bazar