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Tuition Academies Total Records: 83
Name Owner Name Phone No Cell # Address
Friends Science Academy Friends Science Academy 0300637837203006378372Arif Shaheed
Luminous Science Academy Luminous Science Academy 0345721894103457218941TDA Colony
Layyah Superior Science Academy Layyah Superior Science Academy 0302687613803026876138Qadir Abad
Leaders Academy Leaders Academy 0306734700503067347005College Road
Layyah City Academy Layyah City Academy 0301785513503017855135Housing II
Great Mission Science Academy Great Mission Science Academy 0300676723603006767236Janoobi Bazar
K & K Academy K & K Academy 0308676228803086762288Shahnawaz Road
Concept Academy System Concept Academy System 0333490682203334906822TDA Colony
Chemistry House Chemistry House 0333620410903336204109TDA Colony
Future Science Academy Principle 0301784482403058948900By Pass Road
Famous Academy Famous Academy 0333620600303336206003Near Kothi Munawar
Little Angles Academy Little Angles Academy 0336211226603362112266Housing Colony
Fatimaz Study Center Fatimaz Study Center 0333751303003337513030Layyah
Arfain Mathematics Academy Arfain Mathematics Academy 0321851731603218517316Housing II
Sirati Science Academy Sirati Science Academy 0300800560703008005607Darbar Arif
Shining Way Science Academy Shining Way Science Academy 0307650411703076504117Layyah
Shining Star Academy Zahid Hussain 0308676828703086768287Layyah
Central Commerce Academy Central Commerce Academy 0334694498603346944986Qadir Abad
Subhan Kids Academy Subhan Kids Academy 0331687075003316870750Chungi No 6
Scholars Science Academy Scholars Science Academy 0306876444603068764446Canal View
Star Science Academy Star Science Academy 0306676415103066764151Pul Angra
Muneeb Education Academy Muneeb Education Academy 0334694418403346944184Kamu Kamil
Universal Scholars Academy Universal Scholars Academy 0331681610103316816101Manzoor Abad
Home Tuition System Home Tuition System 0335642831803356428318Layyah
Wisdom Sience Commerce Academy Wisdom Sience Commerce Academy 0307876919103078769191Basti Juta
Waleed Science Academy Javaid Iqbal Utraa 0300676016003346963040Qadir Abad
Waqas Academy Waqas Academy 0301784982703017849827Near Bismillah CNG Pump
New Vision Science Academy Fazeelat Khan 0300676700903316842065Housing
Nayab Technical Academy Nayab Technical Academy 0333620460403336204604Housing Colony
Nizamia Academy Principle 060630677103336206350Housing Colony
Knowledge Home Academy Knowledge Home Academy 0304838208003048382080Mohallah Qadir Abad
Math Academy Math Academy 0333891814403338918144Housing II
Zaavia Science Academy Zaavia Science Academy 0300829239903008292399Chungi No 6
Modern Progressive Academy Muntazim 060622014803068666606Manzoor Abad
My Academy My Academy 0307721127303077211273Canal Road
Muqadas Science Academy Muqadas Science Academy 0333620455003336204550Aslam Mor
Mazulfa Science Academy Mazulfa Science Academy 0313872996603138729966Basti Juta
Mansaa Science Academy Mansaa Science Academy 0334694074803346940748Behraam Road
Muslim Scholars Academy Muslim Scholars Academy 0303965164303039651643Kamu Kamil
Muslim English Academy Muslim English Academy 0301784258803017842588Mohallah Eid Gah
My Academy My Academy 0300295767703002957677Chowk Azam Road
Laureate Science Academy Principle 060641101403014169930College Road
E Commerce Academy E Commerce Academy 0321676085203216760852College Road
Popular Commerce & Science Academy Popular Commerce & Science Academy 0333891185103338911851Layyah
Pec Academy Pec Academy 0307784777903077847779Bhatti Nagar By Pass
Pakistan Technical English Academy Pakistan Technical English Academy 0301686198603016861986College Road
Punjab Science Academy Punjab Science Academy 0301676345603016763456Housing
Perfect Science Academy Dr Tariq Riaz 0301785882503330333780Housing I
Pakistan Academy Pakistan Academy 0300676492003006764920College Road
Bhatti Technical Academy Javaid Iqbal Bhatti 0345702288003357022880Behraam Road
Bright Way Commerce Academy Bright Way Commerce Academy 0300876092503008760925Housing
Buzdar Science Academy Buzdar Science Academy 0333620286503336202865Mohallah Buzdaraan
Bismillah Mechanical Academy Bismillah Mechanical Academy 0305683974503056839745College Road
Paragon Science Academy Paragon Science Academy 0303648226203036482262Behraam Road
Al Haadi Academy Al Haadi Academy 0308676844603086768446Housing II
Al Ghazi Baab Ul Elm Academy Al Ghazi Baab Ul Elm Academy 0300718723903007187239GC Road
Engineer Technical Academy Engineer Technical Academy 0301784778303017847783Behraam Road
Al Noor Science & Math Academy Al Noor Science & Math Academy 0334447183703344471837Layyah
Al Hassan Science Academy Al Hassan Science Academy 0300676827303006768273Near Station
Al Qaim Science Academy Al Qaim Science Academy 0300676247303006762473Mohallah Beelay Wala
Aims Girls Academy Aims Girls Academy 06064100880606410088Mohallah Eid Gah
Oxford City Academy Oxford City Academy 0308753090003087530900Near Thana City
Oxford English Academy Oxford English Academy 0300676800303006768003Mohallah Sheikhanwala
The Junior Academy The Junior Academy 0303226398703032263987Employees Colony
Zain Science Academy Zain Science Academy 0306672111403066721114FM Wali Gali
Zaavia Science Academy Zaavia Science Academy 0300829239903008292399Behraam Road
Rational Education Acadmey Rational Education Acadmey 0333620519103336205191Layyah
Rising Star Academy Rising Star Academy 0333610949103336109491Mohallah Qadir Abad
Right Way Academy Right Way Academy 0300676071803006760718Manzoor Abad
Real Science Academy Real Science Academy 0300676533903006765339Mohallah Faiz Abad
Real Science Academy Real Science Academy 0333620310103336203101Mohallah Qadir Abad
Roashaan Science Academy Roashaan Science Academy 0300676008903006760089Behraam Road
The Merit Academy The Merit Academy 0308866658503088666585148-A/TDA
Oxford Acadmy Ammar 0302676067003026760670Gulistan Road
Daood Math Study Center Daood Math Study Center 0302676113303026761133Mohallah Guryanvi
The Guardian Acadmey Kashif Kazmi 0333387726203004771214GC Road
Dar e Arqam Science Academy Dar e Arqam Science Academy 0333620307703336203077Canal Colony
Hasnain Science Academy Hasnain Science Academy 0304876166003048761660Mohallah Qadir Abad
Jalal Ud Din Academy Tanveer Hussain Kalwar 0300635338103006353381Sabzi Mandi
Jinnah Educational Academy Jinnah Educational Academy 0332644277303326442773Mohallah Chandia
Tabeer Science Academy Shehzad Yousafzai 0300876625603026761133College Road
Public Solution Public Solution 0300659888503006598885Housing Colony
Professional Academy of Teaching Height Professional Academy of Teaching Height 0334694460603346944606Layyah